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Walking Groups

On foot or bike there are excellent routes with fabulous views all around our house we can suggest. 

For a detailed ordnance survey type map of the area you can use IGN: 2 340 0


Le Pont de Maux

From our doorstep you can walk to a 16th century stone bridge that was once regularly used by the king and queen, to cross the river Le Cérou, when they were travelling from Albi to Rodez.  

For the Pont de Maux choose from two walks:

2hrs , average difficulty - A return walk directly there (as in 4. below). 


3hrs , "difficult" - (rated difficult due to the further distance and a short steep section to climb over rocks but really it is mostly "average") - 

This more challenging circular walk of 9km (approx. 2hrs 50mins) is found on Visorando that includes St.Jean de Marcel village, stunning country side, an old mill, a walk along the river, crossing this lovely old bridge, ancient woodland and some of the fantastic views that are round here. 

Here is the Visorando pdf for your convenience.

Find the map on the second page of the PDF.

Le Pont de Maux
Le Pont de Maux

a 16th century bridge over the river cerou once used by the king and queen travelling from Albi to Rodez

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Follow the thin pink line from the pink arrow of our house on the attachment PDF map .

1. La Plano circular walk 45mins - mostly on road (with one field track) to the west of us, to see beautiful panaramic views & perhaps the pyrenees.

3. St-Jean-de-Marcel circular 1hr 20mins - mostly by road (& one field track) to the west of us, to see beautiful panaramic views for miles around. 

2. le Bois de Lafon circular walk 50mins - by road & field tracks to experience many stunning views, & sometimes woodpeckers, birds of prey and deer.

4. Bellerive and le Pont de Maux 2hrs - by road & tracks to discover a 16th century stone bridge spanning the delightful river cérou, woods & more. 

Bird chart
Pont de Maux
Countryside walks here
Cornudac Sunrise

Walks around lakes within a 20 minute drive

Lac de Fontbonne

(by Les Farguettes just 15 minutes drive from us) there are two walks you can take:

The shorter walk takes around 1hr on a trodden path/track skirting the edge of the lake nearly all the way.  It is mostly flat with a couple of very small steep parts and a small part on the road.  This is a good place for a quiet walk.

The longer walk takes around 3 1/2hrs (10km) a marked walk taking a wider route around and away from the lake - it is listed in the ramblers trails below.

Retenue de la Roucarie at Canitrot

(near Monestiés) 20 minutes away

This is a walk of around 2 1/2hrs (7km)  Here is a damn and lake you can walk all the way around or you can cycle around.  It is mostly wide track, road or tarmac with a foot bridge and it is pretty flat for an easier walk.  There is also a small beach here (a supervised swimming area in the summer) and pedloe and canoe hire and boating here too.

Lac de Fontbonne guide
Lac de Fontbonne guide

Showing the 1 hr walk around the lake - the perfect place for quiet walk overlooking a lovely lake.

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Retenue de la Roucarie
Retenue de la Roucarie

A lovely lake at Canitrot near Monestiés that you can walk or cycle all the way round (walk in around 2 1/2 hrs)

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Thuries map Pampelonne
Thuries map Pampelonne

A marked walk at Thuries near Pampelonne

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Marked ramblers trails within 20 minutes of us

Distance, Time,  Altitudes,

Level of difficulty       Where         RANDO TARN name  

3km,  1hr,  Alt.min.270m,  Alt.max.430m,  Easy  - Pampelonne  - Combe Fournière 

A family-friendly  stroll with magnificent views of the Thuriès castle ruins, the dam and the Viaur valley.  Walk along the edge of the water and up into the undergrowth to discover a secador (chestnut drier) a well, dovecotes and more.

4km,  1hr,   Alt.min.260m,  Alt.max.425m,  Easy  - Pampelonne  - Sentier de Thuriès 

A walk around the Rocky peak of Thuriès to see the ruins of the chateau overlooking the fabulous Viaur valley, river Viaur and dam below, stone bridge and old hydro electric mill.

6km, 1hr 30,  Alt.min.205m,  Alt.max.318m,  Easy  - Monestiés - La Borie Blanche 

A walk on the hills surrounding Monestiés offers you magnificent views of the medieval village and the Ségala valley (here called Puechs).  Cross the Lauzeral forest and the Cerou valley by the old Carmaux to Monestiés railway. Remember a flashlight as you will cross a tunnel to reach Monestiés .

5,5km, 1h 45,  Alt.min.370m,  Alt.max.450m,  Easy  - Pampelonne  - Sentier des oustalous

A walk around Pampelonne countryside discovering the small buildings once used as chestnut driers by villagers with their vegetable plots following an interpretation trail and enhancing the restauration of the village.

7km, 2h, Alt.min.250m,Alt.max.425m,  Easy-Pampelonne - Ciruits du Chateau de Thuriés et du Viaur

A walk between the Ségala plateau and the meanders of the Viaur valley navigating between land and water with magnificent views of the valley.  (Take care for rain or floods November to March as the passages at the edge of the river are delicate.)

8km,  2h 15,   Alt.min.282m,  Alt.max.439m,  Average  - Tanus  - Le Vieux Tanus

This circuit takes you to meet one of the symbols of the valley: the Viaur railway viaduct.  You will notably cross the vestiges of the old abandoned Tanus village with it's tower and fountain.

8km,  3h,   Alt.min.286m,  Alt.max.541m,  Average  - Crespin  - L'Andouquette

Crespin is a pretty village set on a rocky promontory with views of the Albigensian plain and the Andouquette stream runs to the bottom of the valley.  Discover the ruins of the castle of Andouque, the remains of the mills, the dolmen of Peyre-Levada : testemonies of the ancestors since the mists of time.

13km,  3h 30,  Alt.min.290m,  Alt.max.430m,  Average  -Sainte Gemme - Circuit du lac de Fontbonne

This family friendly walk around the Fontbonne lake is quiet and shaded.  You will discover the dam and a varied landscape between the Capet valley and the plateae of Ségala with it's own view of the lake.  Two gangways have been set up on the Céret to facilitate crossing the waters.

11km, 4h, min.260m max.425m, Difficult - Pampelonne - Sentier des Cretes (PR10 from TopoGuides) 

Carved between the Albigeois and Rouergue the beautiful Viaur valley area utilised is rivers to provide industry and wealth so was well known for it's water mills (used for cereals, oil extraction, spinning, cloth, sawing wood and iron mongery.  See the dam, ruins of the chateau de Thuriés and the Bondouy mill.

​15km,  4h,  Alt.min.192m,  Alt.max.329m,  Average - Salles/Monesties - Vallee de la Zere

The Village of Salles in a wooded area neighboured by the medieval villages of Cordes and Monestiés. This walk sees the Cérou river and Salles church - surrounded by 4 classified statues representing the 4 virtues, traces of the castle and the fortified enclosure.

17,5km, 4h 45,  Alt.min.295m, max.440m,  Difficult  - Tanus - Las Planques (PR11 from TopoGuides)

In this temple of nature on the Viaur valley you find old bridges, fords, mills, towers, castles and Las Planques - a roman church with a 17th century fresco (collect the key for the church from the Café des sports in Tanus). See the two viaducts (road and rail), roc de l'Aigle and roc del Gorp.

15km, 5h 30,  Alt.min.270m,  Alt.max.495m,  Difficult  - Pampelonne  - De Las Planques a Thuries

This hike immerses you in the moors, pastures and forests of the Viaur Valley.  See the chapel and abandoned village of Las Planques and the feudal site of Thuriés, panaramas over the gorges and the hilly plateau of the Ségala.

The printed information cards for these walks (numbers 1-10) are available in a pack from the tourist office in Carmaux, Monesties and Mirandol Bourgnounac -

"Promenades et randonnees decouvertes en Segala tarnais"

For a detailed ordnance survey type map of the area you can use IGN: 2 340 0

Chapelle Las Planques
Chapelle Las Planques

A roman chapel constructed between the 11th and 13th century

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Part of the pilgimage route to Santiago de Compostella this small beautiful medieval village belongs to the "Plus beaux villages" of France.

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Chateau de thuries
Chateau de thuries

a very nice walk taking in the Thuries ruins

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City walking route:

Albi has 3 marked walking routes on the "Albi walking tourist train" (Gold, Purple and Blue) each of about 1.5 hours for exploring this beautiful city .

Albi is also on the GR36 hiking trail that crosses several countries. 

LARGE WALKING/RUNNING EVENTS: Labastide Gabausse hosts the "Trail Pigeonniers" in June, 13/25km