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Road Cycling is very popular in this region - the Tour de France often passes 10mins from our house (see our Tour de France page) so why not sample the roads they have travelled! Many road cyclists pass our door training in this area and there are many mapped cycling routes to follow listed on the Carmaux tourist website a few of which are shown below.

Off Road Biking is also very popular due to the fantastic scenery around here with plenty of trails to choose from with mapped, signposted routes for your convenience.


Part of the pilgimage route to Santiago de Compostella this small beautiful medieval village belongs to the "Plus beaux villages" of France.

Road Biker
Lescure d'Albigois Church
Lescure d'Albigois Church

Beautiful painted wall inside worth a look to see.


Round trips (À Vélo) or One way (Véloroute)

here are some cycling routes for this part of the Tarn.

 À Vélo (Circular route)

43km, Easy - C3 De Saint Cécile au Vignoble Gaillacois

(Albi Cathedral & city is a fabulous UNESCO world heritage site.  The Gaillac vineyards supply delicious wines of the region)

60km, Sporty - C18 Les Puechs

Beautiful Ségala countryside, Monestiés (designated "plus beaux villages de france"), the lovely Lac de Roucarié lake with a small beach swimming and pedloes etc, and Salles with it's 14th century church.

65km, Sporty - C1 Circuit des crêtes

Taking in the beautiful city of Albi, Cap D'écouverte adventure park,  mining history, the bastide town of Cordes-sur-Ciel & Monestiés (plus beaux villages de france) on the Santiago pilgimage route.

75km, Experienced - C6 Du Plateau Ségala à la Vallée du Tarn

Taking in Cap D'écouverte adventure park,  mining areas, Ambialet with it's beautiful river, Saint-Juéry along the river Tarn with 18m of water rapids and this 14th century village of Valence d'Albigeois.

109km, Experienced riders - C8 Autour de la Grésigne et des Gorges de l'Aveyron

(Forest of Grésigne area and Aveyron Gorges - Bastide town of Cordes sur Ciel, St.Antonin Noble Val, and the stunning historic villages of Bruniquel, Penne, Puycelci & Castelnau de Montmiral) 

155km, Expert - C11 L'Albigeoise

The beautiful UNESCO city of Albi (cathedral, Toulouse Lautrec museum, Saint Salvi etc.) Saint Pierre de Trivisy, Lacaze village valley and 16th century chateau, Lacaune les bains (known for thermal baths and it's salted meats, dry ham and sausage)


(Enter the following locations into your device to create your route.

32km, 2hrs 21mins, Max.535, Min.289,   Megalithic Stones, a dam, 13th century church ruins, and fabulous views.

LPC, Crespin (ancient stone arrangement - Dolmen "Peyre Levada" a large table and two pillars of schist veined with quartz, and a view point), a dam near La Pelissarie, Table d'orientation du Puy Saint-Georges and 13th century church ruin, a second ancient stone arrangement - the Gouty dolmen is one of the oldest remains of Megalithic era (2500 to 750 BC) steeped in legends, then through Valderiés village (bar/restaurant and small shop/bakery), back to LPC.

40km, 2hrs 45mins, Max. 470m, min. 276m  (A great iron viaduct, Historic castle ruins, a historic stone bridge and a lake with a dam)

LPC, Viaduct de Viaur (an impressive iron viaduct over the Viaur river), Château de Thuriès (ruins of a 12th century castle), Barrage de Fontbonne (a lovely lake with a dam and fountain), LPC.

68km   Max. 420m,  min.132m  (A lake, Historic villages and an adventure park)

LPC, Les Farguettes, Lac de Roucarie (a beautiful lake), the historic pilgrimage village of Monestiés (Plus Beaux villages, chapel, bridge and restaurants), charming Villeneuve sur Vere, big machines of Cap D'écouverte adventure park and beach, Valderiés, LPC. 

Cordes sur Ciel
Cordes sur Ciel

A medieval town perched on the Puech de Mordagne this town occupies a superb site dominating the Cérou Valley.

Albi Cathedral
Albi Cathedral

Sainte-Cécile An imposing red brick Gothic Cathedral dating from the 12th century.


huge mining equipment to see

Lac de la Roucarie
Lac de la Roucarie

A lovely lake to relax by at Canitrot near Monestiés - you can walk or cycle all the way round (walk in around 2 1/2 hrs)

Véloroute (One way)

20km Cordes-sur-Ciel to Saint Martin Laguépie (Le Tarn à Vélo) (The popular bastide town of Cordes sur Ciel (Grand-Site de Midi Pyréenees), historic village of Mouzieys-Panens with a 13th century chateau, Saint-Martin-Laguépie with castle ruins, Les Cabannes 12/13th century keep and Vaour -an ancient site of Knights Templars "commanderie" house)

42km Albi to Castres (Le Chemin des Droits de l'Homme) a 3m wide track (formerly a railway track to Rodez) now flat and gravelled for access to all on this route.  Starting at the beautiful UNESCO city of Albi (cathedral, Toulouse Lautrec museum, Saint Salvi etc.) this route has almost 35km of hedging for wildlife flora and fauna. Finishing in Castres look out for pink garlic and other regional specialities.

44km Lescure d'Albigeois to Trébas (Le Tarn à Vélo) Tarn valley, The beautiful UNESCO city of Albi (cathedral, Toulouse Lautrec museum, Saint Salvi etc,) the 500m rocky pass of Saint-Juéry medieval village with an 18m waterfall, Ambialet Hydraulic mill, priory and chapel, Trébas-les-bains former spa town with rapids and river sports such as canoeing, water games and swimming.

63km La vallée du Tarn Albi to Saint Sulpice (Le Tarn à Vélo) Starting in Albi (UNESCO city with cathedral, Toulouse Lautrec museum, Saint Salvi etc,) Lagrave and Montans (archaeoligical sites), Lisle sur Tarn (13th century town that traded in wine and pastel), Rabastens with elegant buildings from the trading days that is on the pilgrimage route of St. Jacques and Saint Sulpice la pointe with it's middle aged underground refuges and church bells.


Carmaux hosts the "Route de Sud - Occitanie" in June,  168km.

Albi hosted the international cycling event "UCI Gran Fondo World Championships" in 2017 and is popular for hosting other events so look out for further cycling events in Albi and the rest of the Tarn.

Lac de Fontbonne map
Lac de Fontbonne map

showing the marked circular route

Le Pont de Maux
Le Pont de Maux

a 16th century bridge over the river cerou once used by the king and queen travelling from Albi to Rodez


here are some marked routes near to us

Distance, Elevation,  Difficulty/Colour

Where   (km from Le Petit Canard) 

Route Name

  4km,    70m        Very Easy, Green  - La Ronde du Cérou 4G  -  Rosiéres   (8km) 

 From Rosiéres along the Cérou river and Trovan footbridge

  9km,    230m,       Easy,          Blue   - Les Jumeaux du Viaur 3B  -  Tanus   (8km)  

Tanus, Viaur valley, and the two viaducts.

 10km,   310m,       Difficult,    Red   - Les Passerelles du Céret 7R  - Lac de Fontbonne behind Les Farguettes  (9km) A lovely lake and dam with a waterfall and fountain, and wooded areas.

 13km,   220m,       Difficult,    Red  - En route pour la Navarre 6R  -  Pampelonne   (13km)  Pampelonne village, countryside, farmers huts and a ford.

 17km,   375m,       Difficult,    Red    - Lo Puech Pounchut 2R -  Mirandol     (19km)    Mirandol, Cirou Bridge, Viaur Valley, countryside paths and road.

 22km,   550m,       Difficult,    Red    - Les Méandres du Cérou 4R -  Pont de Maux  -  (1km)

Follow the river Cérou from Rosiéres to Pont de Maux bridge.

 25km,   755m,    V.Difficult, Black   - L'Echappée Sauvage 2N -   Mirandol    (19km)

     Mirandol plateau paths, steep viaur valley & Jouqueviel castle

 27km,   750m,    V.Difficult, Black  - Le Raiddes Citées Oubliées 3N  -   Tanus     (8km)

    Tanus, Las Planques roman church (12C) and the Valley de Viaur.

For a detailed ordnance survey type map of the area you can use IGN: 2 340 0

Chapelle Las Planques
Chapelle Las Planques

A remote roman chapel constructed between the 11th and 13th century perched high on the rocky terrain dominating the river.

Chateau de thuries
Chateau de thuries

these ruins sit overlooking the Viaur valley showing it's once strategic position.