Le Tour de France

The Tour de France route often passes just 10 minutes from our door at Le Petit Canard (when the route passes between Toulouse Blagnac and Rodez).  

Tour de France .jpg

In 2017 the tour passed through our local town of Carmaux then on the D988 through les Farguettes, La Croix de Mille, Graummont, Le Theron, Le pas d'Albi and then on to Tanus and Rodez.  We had an excellent view at La Croix de Mille roundabout as they passed us coming off the roundabout and going up the hill.

In July 2019 our guests came to stay from South Africa to see the tour arrive in Albi where the competitors then had a rest day, with lots of events on in Albi.  We also received some of the press who follow the Tour - reporting for the Times newspaper, who stayed with us for 2 days while going to interview the riders.

Le Tour Albi bridge.jpg
Le Tour Albi.jpg
Le Tour cyclists.jpg
Le Tour cycling in sunflowers.jpg

Check the Tour website for the next route map and dates at www.letour.fr

Why not stay a few days - see the Tour and visit this beautiful area by bike or car.  


Bring your bike and travel through glorious countryside.

Albi hosts other international cycling events such as the "UCI Gran Fondo World Championships" in 2017.)